Here’s to New Beginnings. Even the Unexpected Type. A New Year and a New Blog

Have a cup of coffee and enjoy a cookie with me.
Have a cup of coffee and enjoy a cookie with me.

So it’s bright and early in the wee hours of 2017. We’re all fresh faced and optimistic in our resolutions and the possibilities a new year can bring us. Due to my lack of attention, I’m also getting the opportunity to start my blog from scratch, and at the moment, I’m quite excited at the prospect. We’ll just have to wait and see how far all of this New Year’s enthusiasm gets me.

I’ve been struggling to find my voice on this blogging adventure. My internal dialog that constantly yammers in my brain, trying to find its purpose, has been especially loud these past few months. I’ve been on the fence about posting regular recipes, but I can often think of some gardening situation I’ve been working through. The thought of regular menu planning also seems to be a popular topic as well. I’m usually not one to freely give out parenting advice and I’m for sure no interior designer, so no talk of that.  I’m hoping through a series of writing prompts and regular postings, my intentions in writing will become clearer to me as well as learning more of the ins and outs of working regularly on my computer more intuitive.

If this learning experience seems like it all might be an intriguing journey, please sit back with a warm cup coffee and a crumply shortbread cookie and enjoy!

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